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Evelyn Von Nottbeck



Evelyn Von Nottbeck,
Massage Therapist

Evelyn is a graduate of the Canadian Sutherland Chan School and Teaching Clinic. In Canada, massage therapist training takes approximately two years, compared to the minimum three months required in the United States. In Canada, trained massage therapists are thought of more as more on par with physical therapists, and are referred to by medical doctors. This more extensive training background comes through in the work that our patients experience at our office. In the first two months of employment at the office of Sylvia Skefich, D.C., massage therapist employees are rated on every visit by a patient satisfaction survey. Evelyn's work yielded consistent, excellent satisfaction scores, and she continues to get rave reviews from our clientele.

Her techniques include “cross friction” and “trigger point” style methods. Evelyn works deeply into the tissues. She also offers self-care tips, which come from her Feldenkrais background which she offers as needed. They include home stretches, strengthening, or body awareness exercises.

People come to Evelyn either self-directed (as in “I want a massage!”), or as advised as part of a therapy plan directed by Dr. Skefich. A 55 minute “self-pay” session with Evelyn is $80. Insurance cases are determined individually as to the allowed coverage and the dollar amount covered.

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