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Jodi Jackson Vogel,
Cranio-Sacral Therapist

Jodi graduated in 2004 with an Associate's of Arts degree in Muscular Therapy. Her training included over 900 hours of hands-on work in shiatsu, myofascial release techniques, and other styles of muscle release therapy.

Since 2016, Jodi's focus is the practice of cranio-sacral therapy. Jodi has completed advanced trainings at the Upledger Institute and continues to thrive in the environment of continued comittment to learning and excellence.

Since 2017, Jodi has also been training in cranio-sacral techniques with Dr. Skefich. Dr. Skefich practices a similar osteopathic lineage as the Upledger Institute. Jodi has been a mentee of Dr. Skefich, having learned numerous methods and maneuvers to address pain and tension with cranio-sacral technique that Dr. Skefich has favored or has developed.

Jodi is a warm, wise, caring cranio-sacral therapist that clients have come to rely on for pain relief of the head, neck, back, and even hands, arms, legs, or feet. Clients also come to her for emotional support, relaxation, and for energy balancing. Appointments can be scheduled with Jodi through our office independent of any chiropractic appointments.

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