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Jodi Jackson Vogel,
Cranio-Sacral Therapist

Jodi graduated in 2004 with an Associate's of Arts degree in Muscular Therapy. That degree included over 900 hands-on hours in shiatsu, myofascial release techniques and other therapies. The there work spurned Jodi on, evolving her interest toward the focus of Cranio-Sacral Therapy in specific.  Jodi then went on to complete the Cranio-Sacral Therapy level l and Cranio-Sacral Therapy level ll (4-day intensives) through the Upledger Institute, and well as Somato-Emotional Release/unwinding techniques (4-day intensive) level l at the same teaching institution. Jodi also has been trained in cranio-sacral techniques since 2017 from Dr. Skefich in a similar osteopathic lineage as the Upledger Insitute, and inclusive of all of Dr. Skefich's specific maneuvers for physical  tension patterns. Jodi also has in interest and training in end of life preparations, both ceremonial and practical. She is certified as an End of Life Doula through the International End of Life Training Association (INELDA). Jodi is also certified as a Visiting Volunteer for Hospice of Santa Cruz. In addition, she is trained as a Community Emergency Response Trainee, as part of an organization of trained disaster emergency volunteers who can aid first responders in the event of emergencies.

Her techniques include “cross friction” and “trigger point” style methods. Evelyn works deeply into the tissues. She also offers self-care tips, which come from her Feldenkrais background which she offers as needed. They include home stretches, strengthening, or body awareness exercises.

People come to Evelyn either self-directed (as in “I want a massage!”), or as advised as part of a therapy plan directed by Dr. Skefich. A 55 minute “self-pay” session with Evelyn is $80. Insurance cases are determined individually as to the allowed coverage and the dollar amount covered.

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