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Here is my challenge: I want you to come to at least one talk per month. If you commit to do so by calling our office, you can come for free, no strings attached. If you decide to just "drop in" to talks at your convenience, you can do so and pay $12 per talk. If you have taken "the challenge" but then miss a month for some reason, you will be asked to either pay $12 for the missed month OR pay nothing by making it up the next month by attending two talks.

The goal is to stengthen a community of individuals who are interested in building a momentum of energy around taking responsibility for one's own health. We realize that health care is an active, not a passive process at its best expression, and that we "steer" our health with our decisions and actions.

Check out the upcoming speakers at Sylvia Skefich's My Health 10-Month Challenge Speakers Series.

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