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Christine Cyr,
Cranio-Sacral Therapist

Christine has been personally trained by Dr. Skefich in Cranio-Sacral Technique starting in 2012, and graduated on to working with patients in 2013. She has completed the Upledger Institute's Cranio-Sacral Therapy level l and level ll intensives, as well as the Upledger Institute's Somato-Emotional Release level l intensive.

Christine started as the Office Manager for Dr. Skefich in 2008, gracefully managing all aspects of the front desk ranging from patient management, to insurance billing, to chiropractic assisting...until one day there was an epiphany: In the same week, both Christine and Dr. Skefich independently had the idea to approach each other about the possibility of Christine's transitioning from Office Manager to Cranio-Sacral Therapist. From Dr. Skefich's perspective, Sylvia had needed help with the patient load, and had tried various chiropractic and other therapists with some success over the years, but none that "stuck." In the meanwhile, Christine had been a constant presence of warmth and caring at the front desk from which all patients benefited. She had been a source of ongoing compliments about the care and capability of the office and in the sense of being "held" that the patients reported about their experience at the office. It seemed a natural transition, and after over 20 years being a front office support person in chiropractic offices, Christine become a Cranio-Sacral Therapist.

Christine has since helped numerous people get out of serious pain (sometimes even in just one visit), has aided the spiritual and emotional evolution of others, and has aided patients in their body self-awareness, offering a sense of deep relaxation within themselves. She practices the osteopathic lineage of manual corrections for the cranium, neck, and back, as well as the "unwinding" techniques of the neck, arms and wrists, hips, knees and ankles. She also can do the visceral (organ) unwindings, and has an ability to meet the tissue "energetically" as well as practically.

The most consistent compliment we get at the office for Christine's work is her "warm" hands that seem magnetized to find the muscular aches and tension and to create a deep and soothing relief.

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