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We are proud to carry some of the finest lines of supplements. We ship for phone orders, with only our cost of shipping and tax added on. We also serve walk-in customers for supplement sales and support.

Dr. Skefich is proud to carry several lines of the finest nutritional supplements. She specializes in carrying "whole food derived" supplements, but offers a variety of other fine products as well. Beware of the term "whole food based" supplement. What this usually means is a synthetic supplement that was added to a base substrate of food. So basically, it's a diluted, often petroleum or corn based synthetic vitamin.

True concentrated food supplements are complete with the enzymes, co-factors, and the whole complex of what a vitamin really is, and what makes it truly assimilatable. The "RDA" concentration may appear lower on the label, but nevertheless these supplements actually work better in lower dosages because they are complete. For example, you do not need 1,200 mg of calcium to keep strong bones....600 mg will suffice of a product like Standard Process brand Calcium Lactate or Calsol (calcium malate).

We Carry These Find Brands

Standard Process
We have 40+ Standard Process products in stock at all times. If we don't have it on hand, we place orders weekly which then arrive within 2 days. We have the single vitamins (A,B,C,D,E, calcium, magnesium, etc.), as well as specialized formulations to support your body in it's functions (enzymes, kidney support, liver support, immune support and much, much more).

Natural Vitality
Known for their Natural Calm magnesium drink supplement. We also carry their B complex and their calcium plus magnesium drink in the correct ratios.

Health Products and Development
A local Santa Cruz vitamin company, it's founder creates formulations that are research based, and sound in their clinical results. Try their research recommended combos for liver cleanse, or for blood sugar handling (which involves taking their multi-vitamin, Vita-Power, plus one specific blend)...or use their raw Maca Root Powder or Supremely Greens for a healthy addition to your superfood smoothie.

Drucker Labs
Intramax liquid multi-vitamin and mineral is micronized for absorption...but more than that it works like magic on the person who is both "keyed-up but exhausted." We give a considerable discount on this product to make it available to those who need it.

Apex Energetics
Known for their formulations to support the adrenals, the "HP axis" (meaning weakness of the adrenal and nervous system together), the neurotransmitters (like serotonin, dopamine...), and blood sugar handling products.

We carry fish oils, berry or greens concentrates for smoothies, and just about every other type of supplement you might desire. Just call and ask if we have what you need, or if we carry a superior version of what you are used to taking. We don't mind if the front desk needs to put through a quick question to Dr. Skefich to clarify your supplement needs.

Clinical Pearl

Studies show that it is the magnesium intake that makes your calcium go to the bones. Increase your magnesium to a 3:2 ratio (magnesium greater) for best bone health.

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