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We are proud to carry some of the finest lines of supplements there are. We ship for phone orders with only our cost of shipping and tax added on. We also serve walk-in customers for supplement sales and support.

Dr. Skefich is proud to carry several lines of the finest nutritional supplements. She specializes in "whole food derived" supplements, but offers a variety of other fine products as well. By the way, beware of the term "whole food based" supplement: what this usually refers to is a synthetic supplement that was added to a base substrate of food. So basically, it can be  a diluted, often petroleum or corn based synthetic vitamin.

True concentrated food supplements are complete with enzymes, co-factors, and the whole complex of what makes a vitamin "go."  . The "RDA" concentration may appear lower on the label, but nevertheless these supplements actually work better in lower dosages because they are complete. For example, you do not need 1,200 mg of calcium to keep strong bones....600 mg will suffice of a product like Standard Process brand Calcium Lactate, which is only one step away from becoming blood calcium. Other calciums, like calcium carbonate, are like eating rock.

We Carry These Find Brands

Standard Process
Dr. Skefich is proud to offer the Standard Process line of nutritional supplements. Standard Process was the company that made the first multi-vitamin ever, back in the early 1920's. Royal Lee was the nutrition scientist who started this company, and he was a forerunner of natural, whole food concentrate nutritional supplements. He figured out natural ways to detoxify the liver, the kidney, and the gut. 

Try Antronex (natural enzyme from the liver) for allergies to pets and other allergies. And try Tuna Omega-3 Oil for the pain of arthritis. The Standard Process line is famous for its non-fractionated, non-diluted and third party tested Tuna Omega-3 Oil. It is made from only the tuna cheek muscles which happen to be high in the right omega ratios that help with musculoskeletal inflammation. 

We also carry the SP Cleanse program for a whole system cleanse, and a Cod Liver Oil that does not take out the vitamins and put back in synthetic vitamins like many other brands do. You can go to to buy direct from Dr. Skefich's Standard Process online store.

Natural Vitality
Known for their Natural Calm magnesium drink supplement. We also carry their calm plus calcium that has the correct ratio (with magnesium being greater).

Health Products and Development
A local Santa Cruz vitamin company, it's founder creates formulations that are research based, and sound in their clinical results.VitaPower multi-vitamin with natural anti-inflammatory tumeric and mushroom supreme capsules are favorites. 

Drucker Labs
Intramax liquid multi-vitamin and mineral is micronized for absorption...but more than that it works like magic on the person who is both "keyed-up but exhausted" or "tired and wired." We give a considerable discount on this product to make it available to those who need it.

Apex Energetics
Dr. Skefich carries the Apex Energetics' fleet of fine supplements--formulated with the highest quality ingredients. For instance, did you know that B vitamins should be "pre-methylated" for best absorption? Apex uses these forms of B vitamins in their formulations, just as one example. 

Favorites include the glutathione products such as Trizomal Glutathione 8 oz., Trizomal Glutathione packets, AC-Glutathione pills, Glutathione Recycler, and Oxicell and Oxicell SE glutathione cream. Glutathione is one of the strongest antioxidants known, and is good for cleaning up free radical damage in all tissue types of the body. People put the cream on over their thyroid gland, or to soothe their irritated skin. 

Apex Energetics is sold only by practitioners to their established patients. Dr. Skefich's patients receive the benefit to be able to purchase this "doctor's line" of glandular and organ support. To become a virtual patient of Dr. Skefich and buy some of Apex Energetics products online, go to our sister website at

Dr. Skefich has found that different bodies respond to different products in different ways. In her sessions, she will help determine which brand or product will work best for you. For example, Dr. Skefich has 8 liver cleanse products, and probably only one of them is the one for you. 

Dr. Skefich also has a variety of topical pain relief help, ranging from the Wei Labs Chinese medicine patches, doTERRA Deep Blue oil and rub, and more. 

Dr. Skefich has vetted the products with her knowledge and with the feedback of her you can trust the offerings. Do you have a question for Dr. Skefich about supplements? She is happy to answer supplements questions by email for her established patients or her customers. (

Clinical Pearl

Studies show that it is the magnesium that makes your dietary calcium go to the bones. Increase your magnesium to a 3:2 ratio (magnesium greater) for best bone health.

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