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You Had Your Teeth “Adjusted”!?!


You Had Your Teeth “Adjusted”!?!
by Sylvia Skefich D.C.

Would you ever think of having your teeth “adjusted” via cranio-sacral technique….And why would you!? It may surprise you how many times this technique comes in handy for eliminating troublesome pain problems in the teeth, face and/or jaw.

Each tooth has a range of motion that is normal for it within the cranio-sacral undulating rhythm of the body, (just like every other bone and tissue does). The tooth slowly spirals in its socket, one way and then the opposite way, as long as there is no tension problem. However, teeth can get stuck and stop participating in the rhythmic motion, setting it up for disharmony to the neighboring structures, and thus irritating the nerves…. Ouch! Tooth pain!

Teeth can “get stuck” for a number of reasons. Dental work is a primary one. This is in no way to say that you should forego dental work when you have a problem, as that would be irresponsible. However, sometimes the force that is required to complete a procedure can jam a tooth and disrupt its normal motion pattern, just like could be done to other joints in the body. Braces are another cause of malfunctioning tooth and face-bone motion patterns, as is infection, and poor bite, injury (biting injury or otherwise).

Many times, I have had people come in to my chiropractic office who just happen to mention that they have tooth pain that is not responding to dental care. Most folk wouldn’t think to bring it up in order for me to make a correction, however once offered and performed, the pain is usually eliminated in just one treatment of cranio-sacral therapy to the teeth.

Coordinated care is a beautiful thing. The cranio-sacral chiropractor will never replace the dentist, nor should she, but adjunctive therapy is sometimes just the ticket!

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