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Confessions of an Addict
by Sylvia Skefich D.C.

I’ve come to realize that I am a carbohydrate addict and have been in various states of recovery for the last decade. This perceptual shift has helped me see my relation to the American diet with a truer eye.

I have stated that I think I eat better than 95% of Americans and even more healthfully that perhaps 75-80% of Santa Cruzans. But even so, I’d have the occasional croissant, the slice of birthday cake, the infrequent pancakes in a diner on the weekend. But it wasn’t until I took yet another seminar on blood chemistry (and how to improve lab values using natural means), that I determined to limit my carb intake in a serious and examined way.

Carbohydrates, which include your cereal, breads, sushi rice, sugars, potatoes and many other foods are converted to sugar-fuel in the blood very quickly. Problems….Sugars create inflammation in the body. Many pain problems are alleviated by decreasing sugar and carb intake alone. Eating sugars/carbs have the potential to raise your cholesterol level (as cholesterol are the bandaids of the blood which patch the effects of inflammation). Grain consumption can flip your ratio of “good” and “bad” cholesterol the wrong way (but fat and protein consumption do not). Eating carbs can raise your blood sugar to unhealthy values and can tax your pancreas, liver and adrenal glands, leading to other problems. Your weight, mood, concentration and energy levels can be affected. Even epilepsy is associated with blood sugar levels, as is ADD and ADHD. 

So I eliminated grain (except very small amounts of black rice), upped my consumption of animal, fish and legume protein (and fats), maintained my consumption of root vegetables (but in very small quantities), maintained my policy of almost never eating sweetened processed foods (including flavored yoghurt and cereal), maintained my copious veggie consumption, and then added more use of fermented products with every meal, including miso, sauerkraut, kim chee, kefir, and tempeh (which does not have the negative effects of unfermented grains). In other words, I didn’t really feel that I made that big of a shift…but it was.

For three days I detoxed, experiencing mild sensations of cravings, foggy head, and hunger. Now, only one week later, I awaken in the morning with crisp refreshed energy (me, “not a morning person”), my calm-alertness is heightened, my close-to-middle-age hormonal issues seem behind me, my digestion has improved, my low blood sugar swings are gone, my appetite is much smaller, and I feel really strong.

My body was addicted to carbs! I believe my body had become reliant on converting this easy source of fuel, and basically was neglecting to utilize the fats and proteins—the slow fuels that sustain over longer periods of time. Now that my body has re-learned how to utilize fats and proteins for fuel, I think I’ll keep it that way.

Sylvia Skefich is a Doctor of Chiropractic and a carba-holic in recovery. She is offering 30% off all supplements purchased on your first chiropractic visit, in relation to your particular needs when you mention this offer at the beginning of your treatment. 831-475-1995 920 41st Ave. Ste. G, Santa Cruz, CA 95062    


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