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Press the Reset Button
For the New Year

by Sylvia Skefich D.C.

Remember the story of how when you boil lobsters slowly, they get used to the warm water, getting stupefied so that they don’t struggle to get out when it gets really hot? What if this is your life, only the hot water is stress.

Your body, mind and spirit are so incredibly adaptable,…it’s really a miracle! But with that inborn flexibility to adapt to the environment for the purpose of survival, is also the ability to sustain prolonged mental, physical and emotional tension….while just getting used to it. Stupified.

In America now, many of us have an incredible amount of freedom to pursue our chosen life purpose. We owe it to ourselves to create a clean slate, (that clean slate being our Self). Our Self, when free of interference, can be the canvas upon which we “paint” our inspired life! It is from the inside where we create the harmonies and frequencies that dance with us in the outer world.

This is where profound body work can help you remove the interference from past tensions, so that you no longer vibrate at those frequencies--of the stressful, of the stuck…of the past. The body is our wonderful tool that, among so many other things, records our experiences. But if we are not mindful of “pressing the reset button” (through regular meditation, through exercise where we discharge energy, through rituals of meals where we nurture ourselves, and other rituals where we commune with nature and loved ones, purifying ourselves with love), then the frequencies of the past can contaminate our “now,” and our future.

In my office, a combination of therapies is what I offer, in order to reset the client’s body to its natural, neutral, harmonious and receptive self. The experience is like having a weight come off that you did not know was so heavy until it’s gone,…or blinders coming off that you had gotten so used to having on that you weren’t even quite aware of the limitation.

The therapies I use include: Cranio-Sacral Technique which removes tension in the deepest structures of your spinal cord and brain membranes as well as from the web of fascia that infiltrates each muscle and tissue, making more space for every part to sit with ease; Orthopedic Massage, which removes stored knots and tension in the muscles, tendons, ligaments and facsia; and Chiropractic, which restores natural motion to the joints, hydrating and lubricating them and restoring intelligent communication  between the peripheral nerves (of all the tissues of the body), and the central nervous system (of the brain and spinal cord). Decreased or eliminated pain is merely a happy byproduct of the releases.

Press the Reset Button for 2008, and a Happy, Happy New Year to You!

Sylvia Skefich is Doctor of Chiropractic, certified in Orthopedic Massage and Nutrition. In the month of January, mention this article for $10 off your first appointment with Dr. Skefich. (831) 475-1995  920 41st Avenue, Suite G, Santa Cruz, CA 95062


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