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Stored Energy  

Stiff, stuck, hurting spots in the body can be thought of as stuck, stored energy. A decision to take action and seek help in treating a soreness or ailment is a step to releasing old energy from the past and moving it into the present place and time.
There are several types of energy and they can all get stuck, creating blockages in an otherwise fluid and happy body. Emotional and mental energy certainly stores in the body; a most obvious example of this is shoulder tension. Healers may identify emotional and mental energy stored in other areas of the body that are less noticeable to the client such as the breathing diaphragm muscle (and attached pericardial sac) and the groin (especially the psoas muscle). Even organs can be sites of stored emotional energy because all organs are held in place by ligaments that are connected to the musculoskeletal and nervous systems of the body--systems which respond to the nervous and chemical signals of stress.

Another type of energy that stores in the body is kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is the energy of objects in motion. So, if someone were to receive a blow, this energy has come into the body much like an object (imagine catching an energy-ball with your body). Then the body must redistribute that potential energy through the body, dissipating the energy over days or weeks. Often the body can do that job effectively in a way that does not harm the body. However, there are a couple of problems that can arise. Have you ever been hurt from a fall or a crash of some kind, and then several days or weeks later, you notice an unexpected part of your body begins to hurt? Perhaps you have hurt your neck in an accident, but your low back begins to hurt later. This is very common and is the result of the body having attempted to redistribute the energy, but the energy has come up against a spot that was not able to adapt to the new force moving through.

There are also “combination” problems, whereby a physical trauma occurs at the same time of an emotional stress. Then the repair process in the tissues of the physical body, weaves in emotional energy (so to speak).

Certain body-work therapies are equipped to assist the release of energy from the body at the same time the physical structures are freed of its restrictions. A more complete healing can occur when both the physical and the energetic are addressed. Even when a body worker or chiropractor only addresses the physical, there is often an emotional or energetic release that the client experiences on his or her own. This is why we can feel so much lighter after a treatment, as though a load is lifted that we were unaware of (beyond the ache or pain that brought us to the treatment).

Begin to consider that your body-work or chiropractic treatments are releasing your own stored energy that has been locked away and inaccessible to you into your present time consciousness. This is a perfect time to set your intentions for what it is that you wish to bring into this world and into your own life, for you will be able to utilize and transform stored energy that belongs to you and to direct that energy into your hopes, dreams and goals.


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