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Spring Forward!
NutriSync Report

To generate your own NutriSync report, contact the office at 831-475-1995 and let Susan know you would like a NutriSync test kit. See an example here.

My Health 10-Month Challenge
NutriSync Genetic Test Example

      I just started offering the NutriSync genetic testing at my office. I did one myself, and I could not wait for my results to come in. They just arrived to my personal and private NutriSync account page, and I am posting the results so you can see what the report is like. The NutriSync evaluation tests for 45 genetic differences that can tell a person how well they metabolize toxins, alcohol, salt, saturated fat, how their athletic performance capacity is likely to manifest, and much more. The NutriSync test also provides a report that shows what a person can do to help their personal genetic differences.

      You must fill out a detailed lifestyle survey before sending in a buccal (cheek) swab provided in the kit. Then you mail it off in the pre-paid package provided. It's that easy!

      I filled out my survey honestly (having not done much exercise in the last three months for situational reasons), and the results showed I was under-exercising for me. I was honest about my alcohol consumption (which is regular, but not daily or excessive), and apparently, that is OK for my genetics. I can't deal well with salt or saturated fats, the report says. And I have some liver markers that are less than ideal, which I already suspected. The report helps me to see that even though I have been doing good stuff for my liver (such as milk thistle and bitter greens), that I need more of the cruciferous type vegetables (collards, cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts) to help phase ll detoxification. I eat plenty of green veggies, but I need to skew to the cruciferous.

      If you are interested in seeing this report with your name and results on it, just contact the office at 831-475-1995 and let Susan know you would like a NutriSync test kit. The cost is $325. The benefit to getting a NutriSync test rather than "23 and Me" is that you get a lot more markers tested, and you get the full report (23 and Me offers no report). It takes about a month for the NutriSync report to come back to your private NutriSync account page. Click here to see my NutriSync report.

MY Health Speakers Series for May

      We have some great speakers for the May line up. As you might know, I have been hosting the MY Health Speakers Series, with two talks offered per month. Mark your calendars...

      Glenn Kazmierski, L. Ac. Glen Kazmierski, acupunctureOn Friday, May 8th, from 6:30 to 7:30 we will have Glenn Kazmierski, Licensed Acupuncturinst, speaking on "Spring Attunement--Upward Spiral." Glenn will teach us methods to enhance the natural energy of springtime in our own bodies through qi gong exercises, meridian stretching, and nutrition/food choices. Having had shared the same offices with Glenn for a number of years, I learned so much from him about "how things work" from a Chinese medical perspective. It is fun and empowering to see the ways that one can enhance one's own energy, performance, and healing powers with simple but directed home techniques.

      Lauren Hoover, Chef, Author. Lauren HooverOn Wednesday, May 20th, 12:00-1:00 we will have Lauren Hoover, local chef, author, and expert on the gluten free lifestyle speaking on "No Gluten, No Dairy, No Sugar, No Problem!" Attend this lecture if you are not on a special diet, but would like to know more about how to improve how you feel, OR if you are already on a special diet and want to learn easy recipes and tips on how to make special diets a pleasure. Be prepared to purchase her book afterwards if so inspired.

      For those who have taken the "challenge," all lectures are free. If you wish to drop in, a nominal donation is requested. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. See the link about taking the challenge,...and it is still not too late!

      Click here to see the My Health Challenge Speakers Series shedule.

Raffle for Free Massage

      For existing clients only: I am in the process of updating the content of my website. Next up for revision is the testimonials. I so appreciate the feedback from my patients about how the work we do here has touched your lives, and benefited your health in real ways.

      Printed testimonials also help potential patients recognize themselves in the testimonial, aiding and inspiring them to seek needed care. I am offering a raffle for a free massage with Evelyn Von Nottbeck our fabulous Certified Massage Practitioner, or with Christine Bayless, our wonderful Cranio-Sacral Practitioner for your testimonials. For each 10 testimonials I receive back in an email (to, I will give one free 55 minute session with one of our practitioners, to be drawn at random. Families are encouraged to submit multiple testimonials based on the experience of each family member, as long as they are all authentic. I will be pulling the names exactly one month from this newsletter transmission.

      You may sign your testimonials in one of many ways:

      1. Your full name

      2. Your first name and city

      3. Your initials and city

Lauren Hoover Thank you for your interest!