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NutriSync genetic testing and report

At the office of Dr. Sylvia Skefich, we are proud offer the NutriSync genetic testing and report. We prefer the NutriSync buccal swab genetic testing over other genetic test options because, not only do we get to see more results (45 genetic differences are measured), but the NutriSync testing provides a report. The report puts it all together so you can make sense of your results. This way you can be sure to get the benefits from having a genetic test done. The NutriSync report gives helpful information in the form of simple bar charts of target goals for vitamin needs and more, and gives suggestions for lifestyle that tackle your exact genetic potential weak spots. Take a look at the example test, and be sure to page forward to the section that shows all the markers that are tested, and the implication for each marker.

To get your NutriSync genetic test report, here is what you do:

1. Call or come by the office to get your kit. The kit costs $325 inclusive (we do ship kits if you need it). It has a key code for your private NutriSync web page.

2. Log into your NutriSync web page to take the detailed lifestyle survey form. The information that you provide (which will be seen by no one else but you) will be used to help guide your report recommendations.

3. Follow the directions for gathering cells from your cheek with the swabs provided.

4. Put them in the postage paid envelopes and mail it as directed. You can bring the envelope to your FedEx/Kinko's store.

5. It takes about a month for your report to come back, and you will be notified of its completion with an email. Dr. Skefich's office will also receive a copy of the report, plus a few additional pages of recommendations which we will make sure you receive too. Dr. Skefich's office never sees the survey answers you had provided.

6. Go forward in life, armed with information, and with the added momentum of having an easy roadpath offered for longevity and for health!

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